Estate grown olive oils

From a privileged location very close to the Mediterranean Sea and to the Sierra de Tramontana, the Solivellas Family grows and produces its extra virgin olive oils on the Es Guinyent Estate. The gentle sea breeze flows through the olive trees and cools their fruits in the hot summer nights. The rains and the wind from the Sierra de Tramontana, combined with the luminosity of the sunny climate of Mallorca, balance the intensity and flavour of the oil.

Estate Es Guinyent

The old Guinyent farmhouse was the centre of the first parish of the area which is now Alcudia. Guinyent was an Islamic farmhouse which is listed in the ancient property record book Llibre del Repartiment from 1232. The most likely etymology, according to G. Valero, F. Serra and M. Espinosa in their book Les Possessions d’Alcúdia, would be from the Arab djinàn, translated as “gardens”.



Arbequina, picual, hojiblanca, frantoio, koroneiki and picuda; optimal varieties for producing olive olis of the best quality. The differents characteristics and properties make it possible to obtein complex balanced blends. The olive trees are located on flat, easy-to-work alnd at sea level with calcareous soil.

They are grown according to the regulations on Integrated Production, thus respecting the area’s flora and fauna.


Olive oil

It is the oil of the highest quality. It is extracted directly from olives in perfect condition using solely mechanical procedures, unlike other kinds of olive oils, which make use of chemical processes.

After crushing and before bottling, the olive oil must be examined chemically and sensorially. An ENAC-accredited laboratory examines the samples we send and certifies that the acidity grade does not surpass 0.8º and that the taste and aroma are unobjectionable and flawless.

Within the vast spectrum of extra virgin olive oils, our oils are situated at the top, never exceeding an acidity of 0.2º and always scoring high in fruitiness. All thanks to the possibilities provided by artisanal production on our own estate.

Day after day, year round, we observe and nurture the plantation so that when it comes time for picking, the fruit is at its peak, at which time we only select the olives that are in perfect condition from the healthiest, most vigorous trees.

The Protected Designation of Origin Oli de Mallorca was created in order to preserve and guarantee the origin and unique features of Mallorcan olive oil.

The regulatory council of the PDO Oli de Mallorca, founded in 2002, protects, promotes and works to present the authentic olive oil made on Mallorca, which is always from the varieties Arbequina, Picual and Mallorquina.

The process

To prevent oxidation, the olive oil is made just a few hours after the olives have been picked. Using a cold centrifuge system, we extract the juice from the olives mechanically, without using any chemical agents.


Through grafting, we change the olive variety by inserting a young shoot into the stem of an adult tree. In our case, this allows us to introduce and experiment with varieties from other Mediterranean regions. By doing so, we are thus able to add sensory richness and new flavours to blends with traditional varieties.


After the harvest, we prune our olive trees to prepare the production for next year, thus clearing the inner branches and ensuring the fruit blossoms on the outer part of the tree. By doing so, the olives, which are constantly bathed by the light and sun and freshened by the fresh marine breeze, produce oils with a quality that is much higher than that of the oils from olives found on the inner part of the olive tree.


At Oli Solivellas, we harvest the olives at their peak ripeness, before their characteristic green colour fades, watching them carefully day after day and prudently choosing the right time for picking. We thus produce oils that are low yield (we use 9 kg of olives to produce a single litre of oil) but very aromatic and full of intensity.


In order to obtain superior olive oil, we crush the olives the same day, just a few hours after they have been picked. Using a cold centrifuge system, we extract the juice from the olives mechanically, without using any chemical agents.


To preserve all the sensory properties of the olive oil, we do not filter it. We protect the oil from light and oxidation by vacuum filling it in a dark glass bottle. Its metal cap equipped with a spout ensures that the oil is properly conserved and easily poured. Through its programme Gestoli, the regulatory council of the Protected Designation of Origin Oli de Mallorca controls and verifies both the quality and the source of all oil bottled under this designation.


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