6 bottles EVOO Oli Solivellas organic


EVOO with the Oli de Mallorca designation of origin obtained from the olive groves of our Son Galiot organic farm, presented in a 100 ml bottle. with original decoration from Teixits Vicens (Pollença)


100 ml bottles.

EXTRA VIRGIN Olive Oil from our olive trees, from the picual and arbequina varieties, and from limited production. Obtained from our Son Galiot farm, in the town of Selva, at the Serra de Tramuntana.

Olive variety: Arbequina and picual
Preparation: Centrifugation
Origin: Son Galiot (Jungle)
Collection: First fortnight of November
Acidity level: 0.1% oleic acid
Sensory analysis: apple, artichoke, green grass, young almond, tomato, mint, ripe fruit, walnuts and banana.


The drawing belongs to fabric 105 Blau from the Teixits Vicens artisan fabric factory, in Pollença

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